We believe all Texas education professionals should have access to affordable, quality health care and now they can with the Texas Educators’ Health Plan.

The Texas Educators’ Health Plan (TXEHP) is a customized health care solution available to school districts in Texas. Having a health care plan that offers best-in-class program design, innovative services, and access to data and insights will help you meet employee needs like never before. 

When it comes to your health care, one size does not fit all. 

The Power of Choice

The flexibility of the TXEHP gives school districts a choice and a voice when it comes to designing their health care plan. Our expert consultants will help you customize a plan that meets the needs of your school district and employees. 

Creative, independent solutions

No minimum participation in the plan

Streamlined, consultative design process for your district

Integrated compliance and financial risk management

Network Availability

PHCS provider network and open access availability, including hospitals.

Plan Funding

Level-funded plan design to maximize your savings and control.

Data & Insights

Sophisticated member-experience data to optimize plan utilization and improve employee health.

Turnkey Enrollment

Educate employees and provide easy enrollment with The BEACON.

The Employee Advocacy Experience

Industry-leading integrated advocacy means your employees no longer have to guess when looking for the best providers or for lower-cost services. Through our concierge program, all of the information they need to effectively use their health benefits is a phone call away.

Five Core Principles of Expert Health Care Plan Management

Evaluating the quality of your health plan offerings is a critical step in making decisions for your district, and there are key design differences that make a big impact.

Our experts have designed the Texas Educators’ Health Plan solution with powerful and flexible features to bring the right solution to you.

Quality outcomes are the best way to drive down costs.

In health care, hospitals and doctors with the best patient outcomes yield far lower costs in the long term but finding this information is difficult. Integrated patient advocacy programs must prioritize quality over short-term savings.

Innovative data sources are critical for your plan design.

While it would seem major carriers and health care providers should have the best data, that is usually not the case. There are sophisticated data sources available in the market and establishing those important partnerships to power your plan is a key to success.

Methodology and education to reduce the risk pool.

Integrated education and decision-support tools help employees select the right plan for their needs. This means claims costs are more predictable and stop-loss providers give better rates, reducing your costs.

Hybrid plan features drive down premiums & deductibles.

High-deductible plans can be good for some, but for others can lead to poor health management results since members may delay doctor visits or skip medications when they can’t afford the out-of-pocket costs. Integrated gap coverages can be the solution to balance costs and healthy behaviors.

Level-funded plan designs increase control & cost savings.

Traditional health plans are fully insured, which when coupled with expensive and benefit-rich plan designs, can create very high claims. You have no ability to control your costs or realize savings from your efforts. Level-funded plans protect your risk and allow you to realize savings resulting from low claims years.

Better Options Better Care Better Costs = Better Health


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“USEBSG has been our TPA since 2012. Our district and Methodist Health System partnered together and opened a clinic several years ago for our staff and USEBSG was an integral part of this setup and continues to be. Whatever needs our district has, they have been able to provide. We look forward to continuing a long and successful relationship with USEBSG.”

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